Real Rock Army

Nick Telowitz

Name: Nick Telowitz

From: Troy, MO                        

Works at: Nick works for the Nova Group Architects in Hazelwood, MO.

KSHE songs that get Nick through the day:

Nick started listening to KSHE in 1968. He likes that KSHE is holding on to that fantastic old rock 'n roll. U-Man and Lern get him going every morning with the Lone Klassics.

Nick admires the longevity and history of KSHE and the respect KSHE has from the rock 'n roll community. He says it is a testament to KSHE’s quality and leadership in the world of rock radio.

Nick compiles an annual "Kick-Ass Guitar" cd made up of his favorite rock songs with "Kick-Ass" guitar licks. He is currently working on KAG 9 which he looks forward to giving out as Christmas gifts each year.

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