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Head Games – Foreigner

Head Games © Foreigner, Atlantic Records [Fair Use]
Head Games © Foreigner, Atlantic Records [Fair Use]

Head Games is the third studio album by Foreigner, released on September 10, 1979 by Atlantic Records. Recorded at Atlantic Studios in New York, with additional recording and whole mixing taking place at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles, it was the only Foreigner album co-produced by Roy Thomas Baker, best known for working on Queen’s classic albums

The album marked the first appearance of new bass guitarist Rick Wills who replaced Ed Gagliardi (who was fired from the band), and was the last album with founding members Ian McDonald and Al Greenwood who would leave the band after the recording.

In August 1979, the release of the album was preceded by its first single, “Dirty White Boy,” which peaked at Number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The next singles were the title track and “Women,” which reached Number 14 and 41, respectively.

The album itself continued Foreigner’s popularity, climbing to Number 5 on the Billboard 200 chart and receiving a Platinum certification four months after it hit the stores.

Head Games has gained a 5x Multi-Platinum status for selling more than 5 million copies in the United States.

The model in the photograph on the front cover is American actress and film producer Lisanne Falk.

Track listing

1. “Dirty White Boy”
2. “Love on the Telephone”
3. “Women”
4. “I’ll Get Even with You”
5. “Seventeen”
6. “Head Games”
7. “The Modern Day”
8. “Blinded by Science”
9. “Do What You Like”
10. “Rev on the Red Line”

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