Favazz is a KSHE veteran since 1991. From 1995-98 Favazz was the 7pm-midnight jock, then in 1998 he moved to the PM Drive host position. In 2020, Favazz moved to the KSHE Morning Rock Show. Favazz is a native St. Louisan and when he’s not on the air, enjoys living the lifestyle of being a KSHE jock, attending many concerts, station functions and other St. Louis events.

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John “U-Man” Ulett has been on-air at KSHE for over 40 years. Ulett hosts mornings on KSHE, as well as the popular KSHE Klassics show on Sunday mornings from 8am-noon. In case you were wondering whether this leaves John any spare time, consider that he is also the Public Address Announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals and is also a frequent host of many community events. All of this makes his voice one of St. Louis’ most recognized. In his leisure time, John enjoys spending time with his kids and playing golf.

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U-Man and Favazz explore the back stories and interviews heard on KSHE, the longest running rock station in the country

Dead actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor
Episode 141 features the late Zsa Zsa Gabor, who by the way had nine husbands in her lifetime. She also happened to slap a police officer. All of that and...
Alex Lifeson of Rush
Episode 140 of the KSHE Tapes features Alex Lifeson of Rush. He talks about the latest live Rush record but also speaks to the fact that Neil had just lost...
Ric Ocasek of the Cars from 1997.
Episode 139 features Ric Ocasek of the Cars. In this 1997 interview, he talks about his solo record, how often he speaks to other members of the Cars and if...

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