U-Man and Favazz explore the back stories and interviews heard on KSHE, the longest running rock station in the country

Ozzy Osbourne talks about shrinkage (serious), Florence Henderson’s talent and other fun stuff!

U-man and Favazz think that this might be the best episode and it features Ozzy Osbourne.

Brian May of Queen, in a 2004 interview talks Queen musical, licensing music for commercials and much more.

The U-Man and Favazz check out one of the great guitarists of all time, Brian May.

Gregg Allman was almost a surgeon! Hear him talk about that, playing Kiel and what pissed him off in the record biz.

U-Man and Favazz talk to an animated (as much as he can be) Gregg Allman.

Nick Mason, drummer of Pink Floyd, in a 2013 interview discusses the new Floyd record, tribute bands and his laziness!

U-Man and Favazz with the motor behind Pink Floyd.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, in a 2005 interview talks Floyd, an opera he wrote and how Favazz can not pronounce it.

The U-Man and Favazz with one of the greats, Roger Waters.

Gene Simmons of Kiss talks…Kiss. And listen to U-Man & Favazz as they are bored to tears during Gene’s photographer’s segment.

U-Man and Favazz talk to a guy who knows KSHE and St. Louis, Gene Simmons.

Jimmy Page, yes that Jimmy Page talks with Favazz in 1998 about Zeppelin, Puff Daddy and stealing music.

The U-Man and Favazz discect an interview with the guy who started Led Zeppelin.

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead talks to the U-Man about St. Louis and the Airport Hilton and he still can’t believe the police were never called.

The U-Man and Favazz breakdown an interview with one of the great stoners of all time.

Ozzy guitarist, Zakk Wylde threatens to kill Favazz and other fun stuff!! (Unedited)

The U-Man still likes to make fun of Favazz for this interview

John Mellencamp, in a 1999 interview talks with the U-Man about his durability in the biz, playing gigs in STL and getting in marital trouble here in the Lou.

The U-Man and Favazz talk to the Bloomington, IN native.