U-Man and Favazz explore the back stories and interviews heard on KSHE, the longest running rock station in the country

Nick Mason, drummer of Pink Floyd, in a 2013 interview discusses the new Floyd record, tribute bands and his laziness!

U-Man and Favazz with the motor behind Pink Floyd.

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, in a 2005 interview talks Floyd, an opera he wrote and how Favazz can not pronounce it.

The U-Man and Favazz with one of the greats, Roger Waters.

Gene Simmons of Kiss talks…Kiss. And listen to U-Man & Favazz as they are bored to tears during Gene’s photographer’s segment.

U-Man and Favazz talk to a guy who knows KSHE and St. Louis, Gene Simmons.

Jimmy Page, yes that Jimmy Page talks with Favazz in 1998 about Zeppelin, Puff Daddy and stealing music.

The U-Man and Favazz discect an interview with the guy who started Led Zeppelin.

Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead talks to the U-Man about St. Louis and the Airport Hilton and he still can’t believe the police were never called.

The U-Man and Favazz breakdown an interview with one of the great stoners of all time.

Ozzy guitarist, Zakk Wylde threatens to kill Favazz and other fun stuff!! (Unedited)

The U-Man still likes to make fun of Favazz for this interview

John Mellencamp, in a 1999 interview talks with the U-Man about his durability in the biz, playing gigs in STL and getting in marital trouble here in the Lou.

The U-Man and Favazz talk to the Bloomington, IN native.

Alice Cooper, in a 2007 interview talks about golf with the U-Man, KSHE in the old days and the Real Rock Hall of Fame.

U-Man and Favazz feature Alice Cooper.

Shelly Grafman, the architect of KSHE in a 1989 interview talks about the early days, Sweet Meat and how KSHE helped the classic song, Layla get notoriety.

The U-Man and Favazz go back to the 80’s for this interview with the late Shelly Grafman.

Slash and Duff from Guns ‘n Roses, in a 2004 interview talk about the Riverport Riot, Velvet Revolver and Scott Weiland

John Ulett and Favazz take you back to 2004 for an interview with two hard rock legends.