The A.D. Show has teamed up with three local animal shelters to bring joy to dogs and cats without forever homes this holiday season … brought to you by Woodard Cleaning and Restoration, cleaning St. Louis carpets for over 75 years,!

We know santa clause brings toys to the girls and boys … but who will bring gifts and raise awareness for these shelter pets? SANTA PAWS!

Please help the A.D. Show play SANTA PAWS as A.D. & Chris stuff the stocking of Open Door Animal Sanctuary, St. Charles County Pet Adoption Center, and Stray Rescue of St. Louis this holiday season by donating a new pet toy.

Click HERE to purchase toys and the A.D. Show will deliver the toys like SANTA PAWS on Christmas Eve!

AND if you are looking for a pet dont forget – don’t shop – adopt!

Please note … when placing an order via the SANTA PAWS wishlist, simply select the ‘KSHE 95 – Santa Paws Gift Registry Address‘ and your purchases will come directly to us. Our address is …

11647 Olive Blvd
St. Louis, Missouri 63141