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The Who planning new album and tour for 2019

Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images
Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

The Who are planning to tour once again in 2019 — and are currently plotting their first new studio album in 13 years. Best Classic Bands reported the band’s longtime manager Bill Curbishley appeared on BBC Radio and updated fans to what they can expect in the coming year, explaining, “We’re gonna do an album . . . Pete (Townshend)’s written some really great songs. He gave us some demos a couple of months ago and I really think of those — he gave me 12 of them — eight of them are absolutely great for the Who. And he’s still writing and he’s got so much stuff, so I’m sure he’ll adapt some of that and we’ll get some more songs.”

Curbishley mentioned the Who touring in both North America and the UK this year, which will mark Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey’s first Who gigs in two years: “We’ve got some really good dates we’re gonna do. That’s gonna be announced over the next couple of weeks.”
He also touched upon Roger Daltrey’s pet project — getting the life and times of the late-Who drummer Keith Moon on to the big screen: “We’ve talked to Roger about that for 20 years but we’re finally there. He’s had a couple of scripts over the years that didn’t really suit, but since I got involved with him we went through a couple of different scriptwriters and we’ve settled on a writer called Jeff Pope.”

Pope wrote the recent critically acclaimed Stan & Ollie biopic starring John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan.

Roger Daltrey told us that his abundance of solo work these days doesn’t mean the Who’s been laid to rest: “Listen, we haven’t gone away, Pete’s just having a year off (laughs). We will be doing something in the very near future, for sure. I’ve always been of the opinion that if Pete really puts his mind to it, he could potentially write his greatest work at this age. He’s got that kind of brain that would use that life experience and his musical ability, to perhaps come up with some of his greatest compositions. I’ve said this for 40 years, by the way. I like to think it would come true. He has all the ability to do it — let’s just hope he could be inspired to do it.”

Next October will mark 13 years since the Who’s last studio album, 2006’s Endless Wire. When we last caught up with Pete Townshend, he admitted that he and Roger Daltrey are both looking forward to recording new music: “Y’know, it would be stupid to not call it ‘The Who,’ it would be as much the Who as anything else we’ve ever done, but I think behind that banner, things have changed, and I think it might be tricky to find out what to do next, but I have to say that both of us are quite excited about what we might do.”

Did you know?

The Who’s last new studio set, Endless Wire, was released in October 2006 and peaked at Number Seven on the Billboard 200 album charts.

Side Notes:

Pete Townshend has been busy for the past few years on his still-unfinished multimedia project, originally known as Floss, but now renamed, The Age Of Anxiety. Since 2008, Townshend has gone back and forth over whether the material would be suitable as a possible Who album.

Back in 2014, he spoke about the project telling Uncut, “It’s. . . very, very focused and serious. The idea is that we’re all terrified. We’re living in terror, we’re living in anxiety, discomfort and the fear that we have is for the future, the fear for our children’s future. We’re worried about the planet, we’re worried about terrorism, being able to sustain life as we love it, we’re afraid we can’t guarantee peace.”