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Led Zeppelin announces official 50th anniversary illustrated book

Photo by Suzanne Cordeiro (Corbis) | Getty Images


Although details remain scarce, Led Zeppelin posted a message on its Facebook site announcing the first official 50th anniversary project fans can expect. The message read is full: “Led Zeppelin are pleased to announce that Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones are collaborating with ReelArtPress to publish the official illustrated book celebrating 50 years since the formation of the group. Coming 2018. For updates please visit”

The Reel Art Press website showcases books priced from a moderate $39.00 to and wallet stretching $950.00. It describes its high-end catalogue as standing for “exceptional taste and a unique curatorial eye. It stands for luxury and class, the highest production values, and a sensitivity to an eclectic selection of subject matter and material. It stands for rare, unpublished and unusual work including subjects with mass appeal and limited editions with unlimited potential. It has remained true to its founding principles, which are to attract A-list projects and to bring to their publication uncompromisingly high standards at every stage of production.”

During the pinnacle of Led Zeppelin’s fame and influence Robert Plant explained that after all is said and done — hard earned success feels great: “In our position, we’ve spent years and years on the road, sort of playing in little church halls, and being beaten up, and bricks thrown through the van windows and everything; and to have money at last is just another figure in my mind of mass acceptance, which is what we all work for. I mean, everybody — however how much they like to deny the fact — really wants in the end to be accepted by the majority of people.”

There is now word as to what exactly the Zeppelin book will consist of or what price range the tome will fit into.


Photo by Suzanne Cordeiro (Corbis) | Getty Images