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James Hetfield was ‘livid’ after Metallica Grammy fiasco

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said on Tuesday night's (February 14th) edition of The Late Late Show With James Corden that frontman James Hetfield was "livid" over the technical problems that left Hetfield without a mic for the bulk of the band's collaboration with pop giant Lady Gaga on "Moth Into Flame" during the Grammy Awards telecast. The performance at Sunday night's (February 12th) show was marred by the mishap, which was reportedly caused by a stagehand accidentally unplugging Hetfield's mic.

The technical issues forced the singer to share Gaga's mic for most of the song. A visibly angry Hetfield knocked down his mic stand at the end of the performance and threw his guitar offstage. According to Blabbermouth, Ulrich told host James Corden, "We get off stage, we get back there, and I haven't seen (Hetfield) like that in 20 years. I mean, he was livid. He's aged really well and he's a pretty chill guy, but the first five or 10 minutes in that dressing room was not a lot of fun."

Ulrich told us a while back that ever since the band's near-split circa 2001-2002, things have usually been much more laid back in the Metallica camp: "It's frighteningly tame (laughs). The four of us show up and we hang out and we have a great time, and there are no psychiatrists in sweaters, there are no film crews, it's very much like it used to be. It's pretty mellow around here.”

Ulrich added to Corden, "Like they say, the show must go on, and we fought through it . . . a lot of people said that at least it made for great television, which is really the point of doing the Grammys to begin with.”

Despite the problems with that performance, Ulrich told Rolling Stone earlier this week that Gaga was the "quintessential perfect fifth member of this band," adding that he would like to work with her again.

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