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Glenn Frey’s widow files wrongful death suit

Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


Glenn Frey’s widow, Cindy Frey, has filed a wrongful death suit against his doctor and the Manhattan hospital that cared for him.

Rolling Stone reported that just short of two years to the day of Glenn’s death at 67 — due to complications from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Acute Ulcerative Colitis and Pneumonia — Cindy has filed suit “accusing Mount Sinai and physician Steven Itzkowitz of negligence and failing to properly treat and diagnose the musician.”

Cindy Frey, who is the mother of Glenn’s three children, is seeking unspecified damages for “pain and suffering, wrongful death and the loss of services of a spouse.”

The suit claims that Itzkowitz, who was caring for Frey between October 19th to November 2015 — along with the hospital, failed to “promptly and properly treat (Frey’s) ulcerative colitis and associated symptoms and diseases of the bowel.” With further claims stating that Glenn Frey was not assessed for respiratory issues, failed to treat an infection and “did not promptly hospitalize him.”

According to the legal document: “As a result of the foregoing acts of negligence, Glenn Frey was rendered sick, lame and disabled, suffered injuries, pain, mental anguish, was compelled to seek medical care and attention, incurred expenses thereof, and was permanently injured and disabled until the time of his death.”

Tomorrow, January 18th, marks the second anniversary of Glenn Frey’s death.

Frey’s older son, Deacon Frey, is now an official member of the Eagles.

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