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Brian Johnson remembers Malcolm Young, Foo Fighters pay tribute

Photo by Larry Hulst/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images


Former AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has broken his silence on the death of the band’s founding member and rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young. 

He writes on his website, “I am saddened by the passing of my friend Malcolm Young, I can’t believe he’s gone. We had such great times on the road. I was always aware that he was a genius on guitar, his riffs have become legend, as has he. I send out my love and sympathy to his wife Linda, his children Kara and Ross, and Angus, who will all be devastated — as we all are.”

“He has left a legacy that I don’t think many can match. He never liked the celebrity side of fame, he was too humble for that. He was the man who created AC/DC because he said ‘there was no Rock n’ Roll’ out there.’ I am proud to have known him and call him a friend, and I’m going to miss him so much. I salute you, Malcolm Young.”

Malcolm, who was suffering from dementia, died on Saturday at age 64.

In Other News:

The Foo Fighters honored AC/DC founding member and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young at their show Saturday night in Mexico City with a raucous version of the band’s “Let There Be Rock.”

With Malcolm’s photo looking out over the audience from the giant video screen behind the stage, Dave Grohl shouted, “Do you love rock and roll? Tonight, we’re gonna play some rock and roll for you! We’re gonna play some rock and roll for Malcolm Young.” 

Earlier in the day, Grohl posted on the Foos’ Instagram: “37 years ago, my friend Larry Hinkle and I went to see a midnight movie on a Friday night at the Uptown Theater in Washington D.C. It was 1980. We were 11 years old. The movie was Let There Be Rock and it changed my life. That film, a live AC/DC performance from Paris 1979, is everything that live rock and roll should be — sweaty, loose, loud. A relentless performance from the perfect band. It was the first time I lost control to music. The first time I wanted to be in a band. I didn’t want to play my guitar anymore, I wanted to smash it. Thank you, Malcolm for the songs, and the feel, and the cool, and the years of losing control to your rock and roll. I will do just that tonight, for you.”

Check it out: Foo Fighters – Let There Be Rock

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