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Breaking Benjamin issues new song called ‘Angels Fall’


Breaking Benjamin has issued a new song called "Angels Fall" from the band's upcoming album Dark Before Dawn. Both this and current single "Failure" show where Breaking Benjamin is at musically after a six-year break and with a new lineup. Frontman Ben Burnley told us he didn't want to shake things up too much: "I don't want to reinvent the wheel. I just want to write good music that's gonna stand the test of time and I try to do that. Whether I accomplished that is another thing, but at least I try to do that. And I think fans are noticing that the band hasn't changed just because I'm the main songwriter, I always have been, and my process — it's not gonna change. All I'm gonna try to do is just write really, really good songs and bring the Breaking Benjamin sound to another level."

Dark Before Dawn, which will arrive on June 23rd.

Burnley dealt with both legal and health issues during the long break, successfully suing two former members of the band who tried to wrest control of the group from him while he was battling a longstanding illness.

Burnley unveiled Breaking Benjamin 2.0 last year, with the lineup consisting of drummer Shaun Foist, bassist Aaron Bruch, former Red guitarist Jasen Rauch and ex-Adelitas Way guitarist Keith Wallen.

Breaking Benjamin will hit the road this spring and summer for a mix of festivals, radio concerts and headlining dates, beginning on April 17th in Texas.

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Check it out: Listen to "Angels Fall":

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