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Asia’s John Wetton undergoes cancer surgery


Asia bassist and lead vocalist John Wetton has issued a statement regarding recent his cancer surgery, according to Vintage Vinyl News. Fans were hipped to him receiving some type of health procedure back on May 13th when he tweeted that he would be “out of action for some days,” while posting a photo of a London hospital.

Wetton's people issued the following statement to fans yesterday (May 26th): “On May 16, John underwent surgery for the successful removal of a 2.2 lbs malignant mass. John wishes to extend his thanks to Mr. Chan and his team. John is also beyond grateful for the wonderful wishes and prayers received. John is recuperating. Messages can be sent via the management office to"

When we last caught up with him, John Wetton told us that try as they might, no Asia lineup can truly compare with the original group featuring him, guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Geoff Downes, and drummer Carl Palmer: "There was a certain chemistry that whenever one element was missing from that, it wouldn't work. Okay, it would be convincing, but it wouldn't quite knock your socks off. And there was something about those four people that just had it, and it's never been the same since. So I think that's what, if anything, will make it special for people."

Fast Facts:

Asia's self-titled debut album was released in March 1982 and spent nine weeks on top of the Billboard 200 charts. The album spawned two hit singles, both of which were massive video hits on MTV — "Heat Of the Moment" (#4) and "Only Time Will Tell" (#17).

The band's original run with its founding members only lasted two albums, with 1983's Alpha peaking at Number Six and featuring the Top Ten hit, "Don't Cry."

John Wetton, Steve Howe, Carl Palmer, and Geoff Downes released the third Asia album featuring the original lineup in 2007 with Fantasia: Live In Tokyo and followed that up with the 2008 studio set Phoenix.

Did you know?

Just as they were back in 1981 just prior to the recording sessions for Asia, Steve Howe and Geoff Downes are current members of Yes, with Howe now permanently retired from Asia.

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Check it out: Asia's 1982 video for "The Heat Of The Moment"

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