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William Livers of St. Louis, MO

William Livers Rrh

William Livers of St. Louis, MO became a Real Rock Hero in the Real Rock Army today!

William was in the Missouri Army National Guard, 1st Lieutenant, Combat Engineer Officer

William says he is no hero whatsoever. Those that are don’t really discuss their experiences, or they have paid the ultimate sacrifice. The duties he was involved with that made the most impact were assisting with a road construction project in Nombre de Dios, Panama back in 1991. Also, he was on flood duty in August 1993. He helped with the flooding in Festus for a short while, then his company moved to Ste. Genevieve to help keep the downtown and surrounding areas from complete flooding

William likes the fact that KSHE has been around for pretty much his entire life

William really began listening heavily back in the early 80s when he got my driver’s license and he enjoyed the crazy hijinx of the Morning Zoo

William went to SEMO after high school and missed the station when he went away. He listened as much as he could when he came home for visits. After he began having small children in the 90s, he backed off listening when they were in the car … he didn’t want to hurt their ears. But, he went back to full force after they were older

William listens to KSHE on motorcycle rides using the KSHE app as much as possible, especially on long distance rides

William works at a local bank and has been in banking since August 1993

William has 4 kids that range from 19 to the late 20s

William tries to eat at locally owned dive bars and grills as much as possible

KSHE songs William wanted to hear today:

Billy Thorpe – Children of the Sun
Mason Proffit – Two Hangmen
Brownsville Station – Martian Boogie


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