Real Rock Army

Wallace King

Name: Wallace King

From: St Louis, MO

Works at: Wallace is a manager at Hartmanns Auto Center and Towing. They listen to KSHE daily. Wallace works with a great group of Rockers!

Wallace has been listening to KSHE since 1980. He doesn’t listen to anything else. He likes all of the kickass KSHE rock n roll DJs, along with the great music!

Wallace has had Sweetmeat tattooed on his arm since he was 18 years old. He had it retouched a couple years ago and sports it proudly!

Wallace lives life to the fullest and treats every day like it’s his last with a smile!

KSHE songs that get Wallace through the day:
Sammy Hagar – I’ll Fall In Love Again
AC/DC – Back In Black
Van Halen – Hot for the Teacher
Ratt – Round and Round
Rush – Tom Sawyer

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