Real Rock Army

Victoria Pratt


Name: Victoria Pratt

From: Festus, MO

About Victoria:

Victoria has been listening since 1967 when she was a teenager and is still rocking with KSHE to this day

Victoria and her husband are avid, loyal listeners and says KSHE is the best rock & roll station in all the world

Victoria likes the KSHE Morning Rock Show and loves Favazz

Victoria is a psychiatric nurse

Victoria and her husband enjoy going to concerts, riding with her husband on their Harley, walking the dogs and they just love their kids and grandchildren

Victoria loves to visit new places

KSHE songs that get Victoria through the day:

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses
The Rolling Stones – Angie
Free – All Right Now
Chris Stapleton – Midnight Train To Memphis
Anything by Sammy Hagar
Anything by ZZ Top
Anything by Halestorm
Anything by The Record Company
Anything by Led Zeppelin
Anything by Tom Petty
Anything by Fleetwood Mac
Anything by Stevie Nicks
Anything old by Aerosmith


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