Real Rock Army

Vicky Benedict

Name: Vicky Benedict    

From: Peoria, IL                   

Works at: Maple Lawn Apartments in Eureka, IL

Vicky has been a KSHE listener since 1979. She discovered KSHE years ago when she would travel to Arkansas to see her grandparents. Now she listens all day at work, at home on the computer or with the iHeart radio app.

Vicky likes the variety of music KSHE plays and that she gets to hear songs that are not played on any other station.

Vicky is happily married with two teenage daughters and three dogs.

KSHE songs that get Vicky through the day:

Pearl Jam – Plush

Sammy Hagar – Plain Jane

Triumph – Lay It on the Line

Congratulations to Vicky Benedict our Listener of the Day for Friday, May 16th, 2014!

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