Real Rock Army

Tucker Juliette of Cadet, MO


Tucker Juliette of Cadet, MO joined the Real Rock Army today!

Tucker says KSHE is the best rock station in the nation. He started listening when he was 12 doesn’t plan on stopping

Tucker says the connection that KSHE has with St. Louis is immaculate and he really enjoys the fact that you can tune in at any given moment and hear a classic song or great commentary by either A.D. in the morning, Favazz, or the President of the Yacht Rock Club, Josh Innes … oh, and he smokes meat … Josh Innes is his DUDE

Tucker says U-Man made KSHE and he is someone he looks to as a role model and he wants to follow in his footsteps

Tucker was born and raised in Potosi, MO, and graduated high school there in 2022. He went and got his Associate Degree while working full-time at a radio group in Farmington

Tucker enjoys listening to KSHE to and from work to get his daily laugh and to pick up tips on how to deliver a good show to the people who listen to the radio. He just started his career in radio and hopes it is something he can carry on as he has a passion for music and showing people the meaning behind it

Tucker loves the KSHE in its entirety and hopes to be involved with it one day

Tucker also enjoys hunting, fishing, theater, concerts, and Cardinals & Battlehawks games

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