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Tom Welker

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Name: Tom Welker

From: Ballwin, MO

Works at: BASF

Tom began listening to KSHE between 78 and 79! He remembers going to the old Crestwood studio and talking to the DJs when he was just 10 years old! 

Tom loves the KSHE Klassics and enjoys participating in the KSHE Blood Drives whenever he can!

Tom will continue to listen to KSHE forever. He can’t imagine a day without listening to the station!

Tom was deployed with the Marines during Desert Storm. He carried a handful of KSHE stickers with him while deployed and left them in various locations around Kuwait!

KSHE songs that get Tom through the day: 
Montrose – Space Station Number 5
Led Zeppelin – Kashmir
Van Halen – Beautiful Girls
ZZ Top – Velcro Fly
Sammy Hagar – Can’t Get Loose

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