Real Rock Army

Todd White

Name: Todd White

From: East Alton, IL

Works at: Todd is a Technical Integrator for the F-15 at Boeing

Todd has been listening to KSHE since the mid-70s. He went to his first KSHE Kite Fly with his older brother and had a blast. He’s been listening ever since. 

Todd listens to KSHE online every day at work and KSHE is always on in his truck. He likes KSHE best for the no repeat radio and for sticking to the same format all of these years.

Todd was recently in the UK working and had all the Brits listening to KSHE online. Now they are hooked. So he would like to give a shout out to the people at RAF Odium. 

KSHE songs that get Todd through the day: 
Rush – 7 Cities of Gold, BU2B, Red Barchetta, Entre Nous
Yes – Roundabout
Aerosmith – Walk This Way
Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
Wings – Live and Let Die

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