Real Rock Army

Todd Huskey of Troy, IL

Todd Huskey Rra

Todd Huskey of Troy, IL joined the Real Rock Army today … brought to you by Miracle Ear – Helping St. Louis Hear A Better Day!

Todd grew up with and enjoys all of the great music KSHE plays every day. He has been listening since the early 70s. He also really likes hearing new music from the older bands and being introduced to new music from newer/current bands

Todd listens to the KSHE Morning Rock Show almost every morning and leaves it on KSHE throughout the day

Todd appreciates all the concerts KSHE brings to town

Todd likes the U-Man and says Lern is like a breath of fresh air

Todd is married with two children. He and his lovely wife, Courtney, go to 10-15 concerts a year and they have been introducing their 4 year old daughter, Vivian, to all the great bands and music. The first song Vivian ever heard, on the way home from the hospital, was Bad Motor Scooter by Montrose and her first concert was The Rolling Stones at Arrowhead Stadium in 2015. Their son Brent is older and, unfortunately, likes pop and hip hop

Todd is a Detective with the Fairview Heights Police Department. He has been in law enforcement for over 26 years

Todd bows and muzzleloader hunts deer and turkey

Todd enjoys going to Cardinals and Blues games

Todd likes to ride his Harley and he has restored a 1966 Chevrolet Impala

KSHE songs Todd wanted to hear today:

Def Leppard – Rock of Ages
Def Leppard – Bringin’ On the Heartbreak
Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now

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