Real Rock Army

Tim Wilkinson of Girard, IL


Tim Wilkinson of Girard, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Tim says KSHE provides excellent coverage of music, news, events and sports

Tim says the music selection played on KSHE never gets old

Tim likes that listener participation is encouraged and rewarded

Tim finds the chatter & banter between hosts & guests always entertaining

Tim says with 3 older brothers, he was introduced to Jimi Hendrix when he was 5 in 1970 and he’s been a rock & roller and KSHE listener ever since

Tim says a KSHE Klassic is and always will be a KSHE Klassic and he fondly remembers the days of Ruth Hutchinson

Tim is 53 now and is married to his best friend and they have 3 children

Tim is a retired Infantry Marine Gunnery Sergeant

Tim likes listening to KSHE, taking care of his dogs & cats, watching the Blues & Cards and spending time with friends and family

KSHE songs Tim wanted to hear today:

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
Eagles – Already Gone
Bob Seger – Kathmandu

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