Real Rock Army

Tim Tullock


Name: Tim Tullock

From: St. Louis, MO

Works at: DRS Technologies, a major Defense contractor worldwide. Tim’s been there for 36+ years!

About Tim:

Tim has been a loyal KSHE listener since 1976, when he was in 8th grade! His wife always gives him trouble for listening to KSHE because she likes Pop music.

Tim loves KSHE!  He loves the music and all of the DJs, past and present, especially U-Man, Lern, Carl, and Favazz! 

Tim loves listening to the Klassics Show on Sunday mornings and hearing songs he hasn’t heard in a while that bring back great memories.      

Tim has an old orange KSHE sign that “fell off” a bi-state bus. He had it hanging in his room since 1977. Now his son has it hanging in his apartment. 

Tim remembers going to Colonel Days, Peaches Records, and Boot Hill Records on Cherokee Street to get KSHE Schtuff and albums of bands KSHE was playing.

Tim has been married to his high school sweetheart, Penny, for 32 years! He has 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. 

Fun Fact: Tim has a total of 11 siblings! He has a twin sister, Teresa, and they are one of three sets of twins in his immediate family!    

KSHE songs that get Tim through the day:

AC/DC – TNT; Five Finger Death Punch – The Pride; Anything by Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Sammy Hagar, Ozzy, Van Halen…almost all the KSHE artists!

Congratulations to Tim Tullock from St. Louis, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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