Real Rock Army

Tim Barth


Name: Tim Barth

From: St. Peters, MO

About Tim:

Tim says if there is one thing he likes best about KSHE, it is how the radio station and jocks support the St. Louis area. For example, KSHE got him to start donating blood in the late 80s

Tim and Favazz share the same birthday

Tim has a collection of old KSHE bumper stickers and remembers getting them after big concerts in the old days

Tim remembers going down in the early 80s with his buddy Danny Pickett and seeing JC and John during the morning show. Once time, he thinks JC gave them almost 50 bumper stickers to put on Danny’s car

Tim likes how Carl and Lern expedited ‘Listener of the Day’ for Danny Pickett two years ago when he had stage 4 cancer and the warm welcome those two gave Danny at the Roger Waters concert

Tim is a fan of U-Man and says it is unheard of someone being at the same radio station all these years

Tim used to like Monday Night Metal back in the day

Tim likes winning contests on KSHE

Tim is a fan of Sweetmeat and proudly owns a bobblehead

Tim likes the relationship between Sammy and KSHE

Tim likes the relationship between El Monstero and KSHE

Tim likes the artist interviews on KSHE

Tim says simply put, KSHE is a St. Louis institution

Tim is a father of 2

Tim is working on a very large scale construction project for the Federal Government and he streams KSHE in his trailer\

Tim has been a motorcycle instructor at Gateway Harley Davidson for 19 years

Tim is a fan of Harley-Davidson and Blues hockey

Tim is a drummer

Tim usually attends about 15 or more concerts a year. He has seen Shooting Star in Kansas City, The Who, Rolling Stones in Boston, Nick Mason and El Monstero in Kansas City

Tim’s picture above was recently taken with Steve Thomas, the original drummer for Shooting Star

KSHE songs that get Tim through the day:

Shooting Star – Last Chance
Shooting Star – Tonight
The Who – Baba O’Riley
Montrose – Rock Candy
Zebra – Tell Me What You Want
Guns N’ Roses – Paradise City
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Tuesday’s Gone
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – American Girl
Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good
ZZ Top – La Grange
Pink Floyd – Brain Damage / Eclipse
Black Sabbath – Sweet Leaf
Montrose – Bad Motor Scooter
Rush – Spirit Of The Radio
Sammy Hagar – Eagles Fly
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody


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