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Terry Zipfel

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Name: Terry Zipfel

From: Belleville, IL

About Terry:

Terry has been listening to KSHE as long as she can remember

Terry listens every day and is a huge fan. She says she couldn’t get through her workday without KSHE

Terry likes the KSHE Morning Rock Show. She says they rock and she also likes all the prizes and concert ticket giveaways

Terry works in the accounting office at Auffenberg Dealer Group

KSHE songs that get Terry through the day:

AC/DC – Back in Black & Highway to Hell
ZZ Top – Pearl Necklace
Anything by Metallica, especially Master of Puppets
Anything by Bob Seger
Anything by Thin Lizzy
Anything by Sammy Hagar
Anything by Uriah Heep
Anything by Kid Rock


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