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Taylor Fehrenz

Name: Taylor Fehrenz

From: Freeburg, IL

Works at: Full-time Student at SIUC School of Law

Taylor has been listening to KSHE since 1992 when he was born. He says his parents were smart enough to leave the car radio dialed to 94.7. It wasn’t until college that Taylor’s love for KSHE fully bloomed. 

Taylor’s last two years of undergrad he commuted an hour each way to SIUE and spent a lot of time on the road listening to KSHE. Not only did the non-stop music really make those afternoon drives fly by, but spending so much time listening to KSHE really instilled a sense of community in him.

Taylor says the DJs on KSHE excel at being more than just a voice on the radio, they become people that you feel like you've known for years, simply by virtue of how friendly, and down-to-earth they are. There's a real honesty in their voices that he has yet to hear on other radio stations. 

This fall Taylor began studying at law at SIUC and found himself removed from KSHE's broadcast range, where he has to make due with other stations. Thankfully, he has the time to come home most weekends, and the highlight of his drive is when he finally gets in range of KSHE and gets to crank it up while he flies down those deserted Southern Illinois roads. 

Taylor and his girlfriend text each other when a song they like is on KSHE! They love going to summer concerts at the amphitheater and actually enjoy the traffic leaving when everyone has their windows down and an entire army's worth of KSHE listeners have KSHE blasting in unison. 

Simply put: Taylor is an enormous fan. KSHE has been a part of his life up to this point, and there's not a chance that will ever change.

KSHE songs that get Taylor through the day: 
Montrose – Rock Candy
Whitesnake – Still of the Night
Contraband – All the Way from Memphis
Any songs by Led Zeppelin, Guns & Roses, or Motley Crue

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