Real Rock Army

Tammy Lawig

Name: Tammy Lawig

From: St. Charles, MO      

Works at: Tammy is the owner of Lawrence Florist at 927 North Second Street in St. Charles. She has owned her shop for 14 years. Tammy blasts KSHE in her flower shop every day. Her delivery trucks are also all tuned to KSHE.

Tammy has been listening to KSHE since 1975. She likes the continuous rock format that hasn’t changed. Her favorite DJ is U-Man. She likes him and KSHE so much that in the 90s she had two dogs, one named Ulett and one named KSHE.

Tammy doesn’t miss the Sunday Morning Klassics Show. She says it helps her get out of bed and get going on Sundays.

All who know Tammy know she only listens to KSHE. She isn’t even sure of any other radio stations to listen to. Tammy has one 17 year old daughter, Mikala. She is still working to try and convert her from country.

KSHE songs that get Tammy through the day:

Man in the Wilderness

157 Riverside Ave

Pour Some Sugar on Me

Old Time Rock and Roll

Turn It On Again

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth


any Styx

REO Speedwagon

or Police

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