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Steve “Frenchie” French


Name: Steve “Frenchie” French

From: Troy, MO

About Steve:

Steve started listening to KSHE when he got his first FM radio in his car in 1988 after coming home to Fredericktown, MO after the Air Force. Since then, as long as he is within range, it’s on KSHE

Steve likes the 7th Day, Hair Jordan, Sammy’s Top Rock Countdown, and no repeat everyday

Steve has brought up his kids listening to KSHE. He says they are always getting comments from his friends and theirs about their knowledge of the KSHE Klassics

Steve says that you are never too old to rock n’ roll

Steve is a driver for US Foods. He says KSHE is blasting all day while he is driving around the STL area delivering groceries

Steve used to DJ and KSHE was the model for his playlist

KSHE songs that get Steve through the day:

Free – All Right Now
The Cult – Fire Woman
Missouri – Movin’ On
REO Speedwagon – Time for Me to Fly
Sammy Hagar – Dick In The Dirt
Sammy Hagar -Three Lock Box
ZZ Top – Pearl Necklace
Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
Cheap Trick – Surrender
Molly Hatchet – Flirtin’ With Disaster
John Mellencamp – Pink Houses


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