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Steve Blythe

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Name: Steve Blythe

From: Marine, IL

Works at: Frost Electric Supply in Maryland Heights, MO

About Steve:

Steve started listening to KSHE in 1997. He has known about KSHE since he was a little kid growing up in Gillespie, IL

Steve is an avid Morning Rock Show listener on the way to work and Lern is his favorite. He used to work at The Pageant and has met most of the air-staff on several occasions

Steve says that Sweetmeat is about as STL Rock N’ Roll as you can get and loves trying the new beers every year that KSHE teams up with various breweries to make

Steve has always loved the classics. He loves going out with his wife on Sunday evenings and listening to the 7th Day. She always asks him what the 7th Day is and he enjoys explaining why it’s such a cool thing that the radio station airs

Steve enjoys the fact that when he thinks about St. Louis, he thinks about KSHE 95. Whether they like it or not, St. Louis is a rock n’ roll city and KSHE keeps that in check every year by helping bring the biggest names to our stages

Steve loves music, hockey and baseball. He’s been playing guitar for over 13 years. He has played in smaller bands, but never played a gig in St. Louis. He loves going to concerts and partaking in the live music experience

Steve is happily married to Linsey and has two children, both boys

KSHE songs that get Steve through the day:

Trampled Under Foot – Led Zeppelin, Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses, Like A Stone – Audioslave, Fell on Black Days – Soundgarden, Bertha – Grateful Dead, He’s Gone – Grateful Dead, Gimme Three Steps – Lynryd Skynyrd, Soulshine – Allman Brothers Band, Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters

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