Real Rock Army

Sonny Primo


Name: Sonny Primo

From: Greenville, IL

Works at: Primo’s Kitchen – Personal Chef & Catering Services

About Sonny:

Sonny started listening to KSHE in 1980 when he was 14 years old. 

Sonny’s listening dropped off when he moved to Texas, but now that he’s back he listens to KSHE every day! And since he’s self-employed, he can listen almost all day long! 

Sonny likes that KSHE has stayed true to its roots and hasn’t abandoned what is known as “classic rock”.

KSHE songs that get Sonny through the day:

Joe Walsh – Life’s Been Good; Free – All Right Now; Glenn Frey – Party Town; AC/DC – Thunderstruck; Dire Straits – Walk Of Life; Pink Floyd – Comfortable Numb; Steve Miller Band – The Joker; Styx – Come Sail Away; and anything by the Eagles  

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