Real Rock Army

Shawn McDonald of Grafton, IL


Shawn McDonald of Grafton, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Shawn loves the incredible variety of music played on KSHE

Shawn loves No Repeat weeks on KSHE and wishes every week could be a No Repeat week

Shawn loves U-Man, Lern, and Favazz

Shawn met Favazz when he was at Broadway Oyster Bar, he met Lern over the phone when he requested the song Badge by Cream, and he is looking forward to meeting John Ulett

Shawn goes to school at Jersey Community Middle School and loves staying up all night and listening to KSHE

Shawn loves to dance to his favorite KSHE songs

Shawn’s first concert was in 2014 when Kiss and Def Leppard were on tour

Shawn has 2 brothers named Brian and Michael. His mom is named Lisa McDonald and his dad is Brian “Sonny” McDonald

KSHE songs Shawn wanted to hear today:

Kiss – Heavens On Fire
Triumph – Magic Power
The Cars – Since You’re Gone

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