Real Rock Army

Scott Woods

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Name: Scott Woods

From: Alton, IL

Works at: Custom Alternatives in Olivette

About Scott:

Scott has been listening to KSHE since the beginning.

In the office, Scott and his co-workers listen to KSHE daily. Scott enjoys listening to classic rock music and sharing his Rock & Roll stories with his co-workers. On Fridays, he and his co-workers take their break around 10am and crank up Party Town. It’s become their Friday thing.

Scott says he works with some of the best people around, especially his cubicle-mate who’s just a stand-up, outstanding guy.

Scott likes Rock & Roll and the U-Man, who he says is the epitome of KSHE.

Scott has been in several different rock bands in the Metro-East area, playing classic Rock & Roll. He plays the bass guitar and does some singing.

Scott got engaged on Christmas day to a wonderful, beautiful woman, Mia Solomon.

KSHE songs that get Scott through the day:

April Wine – Shotdown; Santana – Open Invitation; Kim Mitchell – Go For Soda; Foghat – Slow Ride, Fool For The City; Ozark Mountain Daredevils – If You Wanna Get To Heaven; Montrose – Rock Candy; Little Feat – Don’t Bogart That Joint; and anything by Black Sabbath and The Who

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