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Scott Shelton

Scott Shelton Lod 100811

Name: Scott Shelton

From: Bethalto, IL

Works at: SCF Lewis & Clark Marine Fleeting

About Scott:

Scott started listening to KSHE in the early 1980’s!

Scott says … “My 1st KSHE moment I really remember is my dad’s brother, my Uncle Marc, gifting me my 1st Sweet Meat sweatshirt & my 1st rock album (Eddie Money) for my birthday (Oct. 31st) / Christmas in 1983. I was eight & he was the one that really introduced me to KSHE. My most recent awesome KSHE memory, besides THIS, was taking my daughter to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers when they came through St Louis. It was her 1st real concert with her favorite band. Perfect memory. KSHE rocks! Best DJs! Best morning show! Best rock! Long live KSHE!!!”

Scott has been preaching the good word of KSHE for more than 3 decades now. And everywhere he goes, when asked about St Louis, KSHE is always at the top of his list!

Scott works shift work, but no matter when he is up, you can bet he is listening to KSHE!

Scott loves the music KSHE plays! He says it is the perfect blend of old & new and most stations are one or the other, but not KSHE. If the song is good & the band rocks, KSHE has never shied away from playing it just because it was new.

Scott digs never hearing the same song on the same day on KSHE. Says there is too much rock to have repeats!

Scott really loves having a morning show that he can have on with his kids in the car!

Scott loves being a family man and loves to cook & grill. He has an amazing wife Crystal & four cool kids. 2 boys Lucas (16) & Gavin (15) & 2 girls Virginia (14) and Delilah (1 month) and his kids listen KSHE too. His daughter’s lullaby is Alright For Now by Tom Petty. They have have a fun game for car rides – song quizzes in the car. His kids have to name either the title or the artist to earn “points!”

Besides work & home, Scott helps his daughter Virginia run her charity. Virginia’s Crafts4Cats. She makes ceramic figurines & paintings & sells them at local farmer’s markets. Then 75% of the profits go to animal charities. She has a blog & Facebook page too. I help her with the finances & Facebook. (

Gavin is a member & volunteer peer mentor at the Boys & Girls Club. Lucas raised over $700 for the St Baldrick’s event at CM High School this year.

Scott’s wife is H.R. & Staffing for a company that provides in home nursing for kids with severe disabilities. She is the love of my life & has the biggest heart I have ever seen.

KSHE songs that get Scott through the day:

Mas Tequila & Eagles Fly – Sammy Hagar, When the Levee Breaks – Led Zeppelin, Have a Cigar – Pink Floyd, Hello I love you & L.A. Woman – The Doors, Alright For Now – Tom Petty, Two Tickets To Paradise – Eddie Money, Piano Man – Billy Joel, Jailbreak & Thunderstruck – AC/DC, Carry On My Wayward Son – Kansas

Congratulations to Scott Shelton from Bethalto, IL, our “Listener of the Day”!

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