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Scott Hopfinger of Belleville, IL

Scott Hopfinger Rra

Scott Hopfinger of Belleville, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Scott has been listening to KSHE since the mid 80s. Him and his wife began commuting to work together about 5 years ago and they discovered the KSHE Rock Morning Show and they truly enjoy it

Scott says the KSHE DJs are genuine and obviously really enjoy each others company

Scott say Medical Update is a segment they hate to miss

Scott is married to a wonderful, beautiful, roller derby playing, bad ass, Carol, and they have a funny, smart, and incredible son, Ben

Scott likes to golf, watch baseball and listen to his ever expanding collection of vinyl

Scott works at a women’s shoe company in Fenton, MO called Footwear Unlimited, Inc. that makes amazing shoes for both comfort and style

Scott says he is a failed drummer, a stalled writer and a kidney donor. In fact, U-Man announced his name at a Cardinals game after they had his recipient and himself throw out the first pitch after meeting for the very first time on the field that day. He says John doesn’t know him, but he’s part of his morning commute and it felt nice hearing a familiar voice in that moment

KSHE songs Scott wanted to hear today:

The Faces – Stay With Me
Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator
The Black Crowes – Hard to Handle

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