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Ryan Jouett

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Name: Ryan Jouett

From: Bethalto, IL

Works at: Centerstone Mental Health Facility and student at Lindenwood University

Ryan began listening to KSHE the year he was born, which was 1992!

Ryan likes how KSHE mixes old music with new music and he loves the no repeat radio on KSHE! He always listens to the Daily Dose and Favazz Files! As a Blues fan he always looks forward to Favazz’s interviews with John Kelly!

Ryan has listened to KSHE his whole life and always tries to convert country, rap, and pop fans over to the rock side because rock and roll isn’t dead, despite what Gene Simmons says!

KSHE songs that get Ryan through the day:

Shinedown – 45

Seether – Remedy

Foo Fighters – All My Life

Alice in Chains – Grind

Breaking Benjamin – Skin

Pearl Jam – Animal

STP – Lady Picture Show

Red Hot Chili Peppers – By the Way

Slivertide – Blue Jeans

The Black Crows – Remedy

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