Real Rock Army

Ross Neumann


Name: Ross Neumann

From: Ballwin, MO

About Ross:

Ross started listening to KSHE in 1985, when he was 12!

Ross is a card carrying member of the U-man Celibacy Club!

Ross remembers the time in the March Bandness brackets that Sammy Hagar was in the finals with Led Zeppelin (really?! maybe STL loves Sammy a bit too much)!

Ross had a KSHE 95 bumper sticker on his dorm room door in college!

Ross says his parents got annoyed when he used to turn up the volume on the KSHE ads in the 80’s featuring the ‘Stones Brown Sugar. “K-SHE 95 – because you’re never too old to rock and roll!”

Ross really likes the Morning Rock Show, the Rock & Roll 500 on Memorial Day weekend, and the 7th Day!

Ross says, “During high school I used to work Sunday nights at a gas station and I’d always be dying to know what albums were going to be played because they were the soundtrack of my night!”

KSHE songs that get Ross through the day:

Feels So Good – Van Halen, Baba O’Riley – The Who, I Will Follow – U2, Peace Frog – The Doors, Fool In The Rain – Led Zeppelin, Tightrope – Stevie Ray Vaughn, Highway to Hell – AC/DC, Back Where You Belong – .38 Special, Feeling That Way / Anytime – Journey, Heavy Metal – Sammy Hagar

Congratulations to Ross Neumann from Ballwin, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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