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Ronnie Brawley

Ronnie Brawley Rra

Name: Ronnie Brawley

From: Wentzville, MO

About Ronnie:

Ronnie loves the KSHE Morning Rock Show

Ronnie likes that KSHE plays the best classic rock as well as the best new rock

Ronnie is married to his beautiful wife Paula of almost 5 years. They have been together almost 9 years, but have known each other for more than 30 years. They have 5 kids total, a lot of adopted kids, and 6 grandkids

Ronnie works for a Retail, Merchandising and Construction company called The Beam Team out of Georgia and he travels a lot for work and is grateful for the KSHE app

Ronnie plays guitar and sings in bands and has done so for about 20 years playing mostly KSHE Klassics

KSHE songs that get Ronnie through the day:

Sammy Hagar – There’s Only One Way To Rock
Sammy Hagar – Mas Tequila
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
Sammy Hagar – Baby’s on Fire
Van Halen – Poundcake
The Rolling Stones – Start Me Up
Van Halen – Cabo Wabo
Joe Bonamassa – Redemption
The Record Company – Life To Fix
Sammy Hagar – Red


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