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Rochelle Garner of White Hall, IL

Rochelle Garner Rra

Rochelle Garner of White Hall, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Rochelle likes KSHE because she says it’s timeless, ageless and versatile. It’s the only rock station available in her area that you can feel has never lost it’s fire, still plays the great classics and feels so old school, but then hits you with new tunes that just seem to add the hint of “razzle dazzle” to make you feel this unique modern vibe that you don’t really get with any of the other rock stations in the area

Rochelle is 31 and works as a Customer Service Representative for a company that handles life insurance policies

Rochelle is currently engaged to her significant other of 14 years and getting married in October

Rochelle has no kids, but is a dog mom of 5, cat mom of 3, bird keeper of 18 chickens and turkeys, and pig wrangler of 1 potbellied pig

Rochelle loves all animals, arts, music (all varieties of rock especially), horror and Halloween

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