Real Rock Army

Rob Odenwald

Name: Rob Odenwald

From: Dittmer, MO

Works at: Firefighter with Fenton Fire District

Rob has been a dedicated KSHE listener since 1976 when he was only 13. He loves listening to the music he grew up with. KSHE is the only station Rob listens to. 

Rob says he wears his KSHE t-shirt regularly and always wears the helmet with the Sweetmeat decal whenever he goes riding.

Rob wakes up every Sunday to listen to the Klassics Show with U-Man. He says that KSHE’s dedication to real classic rock is amazing!

KSHE songs that get Rob through the day: 
Head East – Never Been Any Reason
Rush – Trees
Dr. Hook – Cover of the Rolling Stone
Fog Hat – Slow Ride
Alice in Chains – Rooster

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