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Rick Rodriguez

Rick Rodriguez Rra

Name: Rick Rodriguez

From: St. Peters, MO

About Rick:

Rick loves everything about KSHE! He says KSHE gets him thru his day from the drive in to the drive home

Rick loves the KSHE Morning Rock Show. He says Lern & The U-Man’s personalities blend perfectly together. He especially likes the Medical Update, KSHE Court, Just the Tip, and Don the Legend

Rick says U-Man is a walking encyclopedia of music and Lern very passionate about the music … she’s a gentle, young soul who is musically matured beyond her years

Rick says Favazz is extremely knowledgeable about music, even keeled & laid back, and not afraid to speak what’s on his mind or give you his opinion and Rick respects that. He would love the opportunity one day to sit down with him & throw back a few beers while he shares some of his experiences in the business

Rick is 53 years old and started listening to KSHE in 1977 while growing up in High Ridge

Rick is married and has 4 daughters and a son, all of which grew up listening to KSHE

Rick is married to a wonderful woman and they have a total of 7 grandchildren

Rick has two daughters who are twins. Two daughters are teachers, another is a nurse and their youngest daughter and son both manage different companies

Rick was an engineer in the circuit board business for over 20 years. He is now semi retired sharing time between St. Peters & Clearwater, Florida. He now owns a custom chrome business and also does a little consulting work as well

Rick and his wife love to travel and they also volunteer at various non-profits that benefit the homeless and the needy

Rick also loves coaching football. He has been coaching High school and youth football for 26 years. This year he was named Coach & Mentor of the Year by the Tampa Bay Bucs, which is something that he is very proud of

Rick says when he finds any spare time, you can find him riding his motorcycle

KSHE songs that get Rick through the day:

Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker / Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)
AC/DC – Have A Drink On Me
Bad Company – Moving On
Bob Seger – Sunspot Baby
Bob Seger – Travelin’ Man
Bob Seger – Fire Down Below
Bob Seger – Mainstreet
Bob Seger – Still The Same
Van Halen – Unchained
Van Halen – Poundcake
Van Halen – Top Of The World
Whitesnake – Slide It In
Rainbow – Since You’ve Been Gone
Deep Purple – Highway Star
Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal
Sammy Hagar – Shaka Doobie (The Limit)
Eagles – James Dean
Eagles – Seven Bridges Road
Eagles – Hotel California
Joe Walsh – Life in the Fast Lane
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – All Along The Watchtower
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Voodoo Chile
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Hey Joe
The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Purple Haze
The Rolling Stones – Bitch
The Rolling Stones – She’s So Cold
Journey – Just the Same Way
Journey – Feeling That Way
Styx – Too Much Time On My Hands
Cheap Trick – She’s Tight
Cheap Trick – Dream Police
REO Speedwagon – Ridin’ the Storm Out
REO Speedwagon – Time for Me to Fly
The Doors – L.A. Woman
The Doors – Roadhouse Blues
The Doors – People Are Strange


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