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Rich Parks

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Name: Rich Parks

From: Florissant, MO

Works at: Bank of America, across from Busch Stadium. Been there for over 29 years

About Rich:

Rich has been a loyal listener for the majority of his life, starting in the early to mid 70s!

Rich has met most of the on air personalities starting with Mark Klose, who he interviewed when he was in high school. Rich met Lern and Carl back in December for the last live party towns!

Rich used to win Schtuff back in the late 90s from K.C. Clarke. He says he won tickets to several concerts in the last two years, most notably Paul McCartney … thanks again U-Man!

Rich loves the KSHE personalities … says they are a great bunch of people. He listens to U-Man, Lern and Carl the Intern in the morning, Favazz in the afternoon, Jon Mintert all the time, and Nick Bacott on Saturdays. He listens to KSHE all day at work and his favorite thing about Sunday is the KSHE Classics Show!

Rich likes to home brew and says that John, Carl and Lern have had about 3 different styles! He also loves to BBQ and grill foods!

Rich has been married for over 29 years to his incredible wife. They live in a small house with two Boston Terriers!

KSHE songs that get Rich through the day:

Any songs from Yes, The Who, ELO, ELP, CSNY, Rush, Van Halen/Hagar, Triumph, Supertramp, Eric Clapton, Genesis, Pink Floyd

Congratulations to Rich Parks from Florissant, MO, our “Listener of the Day”!

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