Real Rock Army

Rich Marcolla

Name: Rich Marcolla

From: Quincy, IL

Works at: Merrill Lynch

Rich started listening to KSHE when he was 10 because his older brother said it was cool, and he was right! Rich loves the tunes, the concerts, the old commercials from the past, the attitude and playing "Rock n’ Roll Weekend" on a Friday night!

Rich loves teaching his children that the best and most important songs are played on KSHE!

Rich says he’s a 1st time caller, long time listener. He’s partied with Sweetmeat back in the day, threw a chair at Axel at the GNR concert and loves opening presents on Christmas Eve. He also thinks the guy who does the lineup at Cards games wishes he was on KSHE. That's how he rolls…

KSHE songs that get Rich through the day:
Van Halen – Panama
Sammy Hagar – Heavy Metal, Rock n’ Roll Weekend
AC/DC – Back In Black
Warren Zevon – Lawyers, Guns, & Money
Van Halen – Dance the Night Away

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