Real Rock Army

Randy Shroyer


Name: Randy Shroyer

From: Vandalia, IL

Works at: Retired Correctional Lieutenant from Vandalia Correctional Center

Randy began listening to KSHE in 1973, when he was in high school! He and his friends had a hard time picking up KSHE’s signal in Vandalia, but his teacher had a stereo system that could pick up KSHE, so they would jam to KSHE every day in class while working on their projects!

Randy likes to ride his Harley with his wife of 38 years. He likes to spend time on the beach, and he enjoys tipping a few back with his friends, all while listening to KSHE!  He says no other stations compare to KSHE! 

Randy has his 16-year-old grandson listening to KSHE, streaming all the way from Champaign, IL!  Randy says “the legacy lives on”!

KSHE songs that get Randy through the day!

AC/DC – Back in Black – Hells Bells – Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) – Thunderstruck – Highway to Hell – You Shook Me All Night Long – TNT – Shoot To Thrill – For Those About to Rock

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