Real Rock Army

Randy Lindley


Randy Lindley from Edwardsville, IL joined the Real Rock Army today!

Randy loves music, especially the old stuff, KSHE Klassics

Randy likes that KSHE doesn’t play the same song twice in the same day

Randy likes the KSHE Morning Rock Show and thinks all the DJs are fun. He says it sounds like they really like their jobs

Randy’s granddaughters love “the really nice lady” on KSHE

Randy has been married for 45 years and has two daughters and two granddaughters

Randy says while everyone in his family doesn’t listen to KSHE, all of the time except him, everyone has it set on their radios and are very familiar with the music. He made sure they had a good foundation, even his grandkids

Randy is retired and spends time restoring his old 1968 Cougar, riding his softail deluxe, and scuba as an instructor

Randy tries to take at least two motorcycle trips a year. His longest trip of 4,800 miles was through Canada. This year there are planned trips to Key West and Sturgis

Randy is missing his St. Louis Blues

Randy has a 225 gallon fish tank with many different reef fish, including a small snowflake eel. The oldest resident in the tank is a blue (hippo) tang. Her name is Dory and is the first fish they got

KSHE songs Randy wanted to hear today:

Led Zeppelin – Immigrant Song
Led Zeppelin – Black Dog
Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop

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