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Pete AuBuchon

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Name: Pete Aubuchon

From: Bonne Terre, MO

Works at: 

Pete was born in the late 70s and doesn’t remember a time when he didn’t listen to KSHE! His parents passed their love of KSHE on to him and he is doing the same with his own family!

Pete loves everything about KSHE! From the knowledgeable DJ’s to the music and programming, there is nothing not to like!

Pete says if he wants to get something done and quick, all he has to do is tune into 94.7 and crank it up!

KSHE songs that get Pete through the day:

Pink Floyd – Have a Cigar – Young Lust – Wish You Were Here – Crazy Diamond

Led Zeppelin – Kashmir – Over the Hills and Far Away – Thank You – Tangerine – No Quarter

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