Real Rock Army

Peggy McAdams


Name: Peggy McAdams

From: Otterville, IL

Works at: a Doctor’s office in Granite City, IL

Peggy started listening to KSHE when she moved here in 2000 from South Dakota!

Peggy loves the DJ’s on KSHE! Lern is her favorite! She likes how KSHE keeps rock and roll alive in St Louis!

Peggy is married and has a four year old daughter and a dog. She loves the Minnesota Vikings!

KSHE songs that get Peggy through the day!

Queen – Tie Your Mother Down; Aerosmith – Living on the Edge; AC/DC – Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap); Foo Fighters – Everlong; Guns N Roses – Don’t Cry; STP – Sour Girl; Green Day – Basket Case

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