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Paul “Chaw” Oberman

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Name: Paul "Chaw" Oberman

From: Fenton, MO

Works at: Goes to DeSmet Jesuit High School in Creve Coeur

Paul began listening to KSHE in 1998 – the same year he was born – because his dad always played it in the car!

Paul likes how the music on KSHE is so diversified. He loves how KSHE is so involved with the community, like with the KSHE Blood Drives!

Paul’s dad would tell him stories of being in the Marines and seeing “KSHE 95, the Rock of St. Louis” carved, spray painted, and written on just about everything!

 KSHE songs that get Paul throughout the day!

Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil

Pantera – Mouth for War

Billy Squire – The Stroke

Joe Walsh – Rocky Mountain Way

Nirvana – Come As You Are

Queen – Fat Bottom Girls

Metallica – Harvester of Sorrow

Megadeth – Hook in Mouth

Black Sabbath – Into the Void

Rainbow – Man on the Silver Mountain

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