Real Rock Army

Patrick Culp


Name: Patrick Culp

From: Lexington, KY

Works at: Sherman Carter Barnhart in Lexington

About Patrick:

Patrick started listening to KSHE when he was only 2 or 3 years old.

In 1974, when Patrick was 4 years old, his family moved away from St. Louis, but Patrick never forgot about KSHE. Whenever he and his family would return to St. Louis to visit other family members, Patrick would always change their radios to KSHE.

Now, Patrick uses the KSHE app to listen while he’s at work or relaxing at home.

Patrick likes that KSHE plays Real Rock music, which he says he doesn’t get from the stations in Lexington, KY.

KSHE songs that get Patrick through the day:

Eddie Money – Shakin’; Ted Nugent – Cat Scratch Fever; The Rolling Stones – Paint It Black; Jefferson Airplane – Somebody To Love; Heart – Barracuda; Twisted Sister – We’re Not Gonna Take It; Tesla – Modern Day Cowboy

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