Real Rock Army

Pamela Sheppard-Skelton

Name: Pamela Sheppard-Skelton

From: St. Louis, MO                        

Works at: Pamela works for Paragon Staffing. She is a contract HEDIS RN for Healthcare USA. She has been an RN since 1998.

Pamela has been listening to KSHE since 1968. She was born and raised on the station and even listens on line when she’s out of state.

Pamela likes Hairband Doran and really likes Favazz and his sarcasm!

Pamela loves the Cardinals and all the super affordable different things to do in St. Louis. 

KSHE songs that get Pamela through the day:

Metallica – Fuel, One, Sanitarium

Rush – Trees

U2 – Numb

Journey – anything from Frontiers and back, Patiently is her favorite

Kansas – Wayward Son

Boston – anything 

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