Real Rock Army

Josh Houle

April 3, 2014

Name: Josh Houle   From: St. Peters, MO                    Works at: Josh works for Office Depot and Live Nation.Josh stumbled upon KSHE while flipping through the stations…

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Amber Hopkins

April 2, 2014

Name: Amber Hopkins   From: Shiloh, IL                     Works at: Amber works for the Fairview Heights Police Department.   Amber has been listening to KSHE…

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Robert Brees

April 1, 2014

Name: Robert Brees           From: St. Louis, MO                     Works at: Robert is the Frito Bandito. He’s been with Frito Lay 19…

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Patrick Flynn

March 31, 2014

Name: Patrick Flynn          From: Brentwood, MO                      Works at: Patrick works at Hartmann’s Auto Center in South City at Fyler…

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Jim DeLaney

March 31, 2014

Name: Jim DeLaney         From: Florissant, MO                       Works at:  Jim works at the Edward Jones Dome Jim started listening to KSHE…

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Guy Gastreich

March 28, 2014

Name: Guy Gastreich          From: St. Louis, MO                      Works at: Guy is a Graphic Designer at Packaging Concepts in South…

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Stacy Breeher

March 26, 2014

Name: Stacy Breeher         From: Arnold, MO                       Works at: Stacy is battling cancer right now and is on medical leave. KSHE…

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Andrew Schoenhoff

March 25, 2014

Name: Andrew Schoenhoff         From: Columbia, IL                       Works at: Andrew is a Warehouse Manager at Flooring Interiors in Columbia, IL. KSHE…

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Dave Wilson

March 24, 2014

Name: Dave Wilson       From: Imperial, MO                        Works at: Dave works for United Printing Company in Brentwood KSHE songs that get…

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Dayna Alford

March 20, 2014

Name: Dayna Alford       From: Godfrey, IL                        Works at: Dayna works for Phillips 66 KSHE songs that get Dayna through the day:…

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